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Aggressive Drunk Driving Defense

Maryland has harsh penalties for driving under the influence. You need a hard DUI lawyer who knows the court system and found weaknesses in the prosecution case.

Maryland DUI lawyers aggressively challenged DUI (also known as DWI) charges. For more than 25 years ago that it has helped hundreds of clients defend themselves against the allegations.

A lawyer specializing in DUI / DWI

A drunken driving conviction in Maryland can mean jail, license suspension, heavy fines and surcharges, higher insurance rates, and possibly an ignition lock when you get your license back. Under state law, plea bargains are not allowed in DUI cases. Your lawyer should get thrown charges or win your case in court.

Maryland defense DUI / DWI lawyers relentlessly attacks all parts of the prosecution’s case:

  • If the officer has probable cause to pull you?
  • Field sobriety tests were performed properly conducted?
  • Official observations were sufficient grounds for the arrest?
  • Does the camera patrol tell a different story?
  • The breathalyzer machine was accurate and administered correctly?
  • How were breath or blood collected and processed?
  • Did the officer violates your rights or fail to inform you of your rights?

Our DUI / DWI attorney to do everything possible to make your case dismissed or excluded key evidence, including hiring experts who can challenge the results of alcohol.