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Facing Allegations of Driving Under the Influence?

Just because a person was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) does not mean that person is guilty of DUI. In the Maryland metro area and throughout the state of Maryland, many people are wrongfully and improperly arrested for DUI by overzealous and improperly trained police officers. If you have been charged with DUI, then you need a tough, knowledgeable Maryland DUI defense attorney to protect your constitutional rights and fight for you in court.

Prosecutors are aggressive, and they will employ every tactic they can to obtain a DUI conviction. The first step in building a winning defense is hiring an experienced DUI attorney. By hiring a seasoned attorney, you can ensure that you receive the powerful criminal defense representation you need to fight your case.

Proper Research Is Critical To Successful DUI Defense

Our legal team has handled thousands of DUI cases in the Maryland metro area and throughout the state of Maryland. We know that the key to fighting your DUI case and defending against DUI penalties is having a solid defense. Our attorneys will build that defense by taking the time to talk to you about your case, investigating the facts surrounding your arrest, and gathering pertinent information to help fight your case.

Our goals are to keep your record clean, to help you avoid driver’s license suspension, and to avoid mandatory fines, community service, and jail time. In addition to defending you against criminal allegations, we are also prepared to represent you during Department of Driver Services hearings and matters related to driver’s license restoration. Our attorneys work hard to meet these goals. We are here to defend you.